15 comments on “Telugu Bible

  1. Praise the lord
    i download telugu bible software and extract bbl and past in esword files but it is not working
    i download esword v9 latest version
    my computer window vista
    Plz give me solution for this problem

  2. Praise the Lord Chandra
    Thanks for your intrest.
    In this new version .bbl will’nt work it needs .bblx files.Download Telugu Bible for E-sword 9.x Ver.
    Extract Telugu NT.bblx file and paste where E-sword was installed.
    If you still have problem please let us know.

    Grace and Peace

  3. Dear fellow believer
    Greet you in Jesus name.

    You did a great Job for the Glory of our LORD JESUS.
    I praise for God for you and for your work. Telugu bible for e-sword software is very excellent. Just now I have downloaded and it is working in a superbway
    May God bless you.

    I have a great to save all our christian telugu literature should be saved for our future generations

    Thank you so much

  4. Dear Brother,

    Thanks a ton for these links!!! I’m so grateful to e-Sword for making our Telugu Bible available right on our hard disks.

    Pastor David Mende,
    Hyderabad, India.

  5. Dear Brother,
    You have an excellent website for belivers
    My mother is doing her MA in Theology and has to prepare a thesis on the subject ‘History of Development of the Telugu Bible’.
    Would be greatful if you could help us out by providing / suggesting where we could find the meterial for the thesis.
    Your’s in christ
    Philip Sagar

  6. “యవ్వన కాలమందు కాడి మోయువారు ధన్యులు అని దేవుడు సెలవిచ్చారు.”
    ఆయన నామమును మహిమపరుస్తున్నందుకు సంతోషం.
    But I dont have windows o.s i have linux with me. can anyone tell me the other way to get the “BIBLE”

  7. Dear Brother,
    I have been using your precious work on Telugu Bible Software for e-Sword.Truly blessing. But, but, I have to say something ….
    In Romans 1:11, the beginning of the verse, the word “meeru” was missing.

    Also in Romans 1:16, the verse misses the words “rakshana kaluga cheyutaku adi devuni sakhti-ayi vunnadi”.

    This is the book (Romans) I started reading using e-Sword’s Telugu Bible.

    Please do not think that I am pointing faults in your hard-work. If you require assistance in correcting these typological errors, I sincerely would offer my time and energy.

    You have done wonderful work. Let it be foolproof as well.

    God bless You.


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