Glory To God. Amen.

Telugu Dictionary for E-sword and Telugu TVM(Tense Voice Mood) Bible,
will be posted soon.. 

Thanks For Visiting…


7 comments on “About

  1. Hearty Welcome.
    I have placed one version of OT in my above site and earlier the Parallel NT with Commentary. Similar Parallel version of BSI OT is almost complete and shortly I will be placing it in our site. Let readers be informed of it.
    God Bless You

  2. Brother, Greetings and thanks for your wonderful blog. I often visit your blog and suggested to lot of my colleagues, friends and pastors. Your effort is a great blessing to many. May God bless you severalfold.

    Please tell me….

    Where can I download Telugu Audio Bible (OT & NT) online? with good quality of sound and voice. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    In Christ,

  3. Dear Brother,
    I am Vincent Joel from Hyderabad.I have developed an Instant Bible Search application. Using this application you can search bible verses or chapters in different languages from Gtalk or Facebook itself.
    Keyword search , Bible names meanings feature also there. Could you please give your email id, so that i will send a mail regarding how to use that application and how to integrate that application to you Gtalk and Facebook.
    My mail id: vincent.bible@gmail.com

    Vincent Joel Kola,
    Software Engineer,

  4. hai brother,
    i would like know, who made the telugu bible for esword programme. I am a regular user of esword. I recently used telugu bible also. Since there are soo many spelling mistakes it need to be corrected. I can help to do the same work for them who made that module. It is a very good to use. But the thing is we can’t use that without spell check. Please help me in this matter. I would like to hear from you if u can. my mobile no is 9885786687. I am working in a defence organaisation.
    siva rama krishna

  5. hello brother,
    let god bless for your great works. the modules you have posted is really useful.
    am unable to download “english to telugu dictionary for e-sword”. Iam saying this after trying many times. Please provide us mirror or sort the problem, i hope you will help regrading…

    Thanking you,

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